Quick Car Cleaning Tips and Tricks


The Complete Sanitization Technique

Our cars are a lot like our homes: we rely on them to protect us and carry out essential tasks to maintain our well-being. But much like a house, a car can get messy, and before you know it, things start to pile up. With warm weather outside, it's a nice time to get out and clean up your car. Here are some helpful tips:

Clear Out the Odd Areas

We're in and out of our cars every day, so naturally, things can accumulate. Before vacuuming, clean out any of the bigger items. Peek under the seats, in the crevices in between the seats, and the area between the seats and the floors. Clear out any old kid's toys, wrappers, bottles, or other large objects that your vacuum can't handle. For hard-to-reach areas, wrap the cloth around the end of a paint stir stick and use it to sweet out small crumbs and wrappers.

Wide Down and Vacuum Everything

A general rule of thumb is to vacuum both the front and back seats, the floor, and the truck if you use it often. Then use disinfecting wipes to clean off any germs that have accumulated on your steering wheel, dashboard, console, and around your cup holders. If you have any spray specifically made for car interiors, then using a small amount of it on your dashboard and console gives your vehicle that new-car look and smell. Make sure to wipe under the pedals, along the door panels, and any area your vacuum nozzles can't reach.


Don't Forget the Floor Mats and Pet Hair

These are two things most people either forget or ignore that make a big difference when cleaning. When you remove your floor mats, shake them out as much as possible. If needed, wipe them down with dish soap and hot water. To get the pet hair out of your car, blow up a balloon and drag it over your seats. Dragging a balloon creates static that attracts fur to the balloons and makes cleaning up pet hair a breeze.

Following these three easy steps will give you a spotless car interior that feels clean and sanitary. Then you can enjoy cruising around in a car that feels brand-new.