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Top Vehicle DIY Projects You Can Handle


Handling Small Car Issues

In both of our locations, our staff is eager to help our community with any of their vehicle needs. However, there are some smaller issues and projects anyone can tackle! Addressing these issues saves our customers valuable time and money that otherwise could be spent on road tripping with their friends or family!

Replacing Your Air Filter

If you’re smelling gas as you start your engine, see dark smoke leaving your exhaust pipe, or see your engine light pop on, then it’s time to look at your air filter. Most air filter boxes have easily removable screws or clips. After removing those, shine a light through the filter. If the light doesn’t shine through 60% of the filter, it needs replacing. When placing a new filter into the filter box, remember that the filter’s screen always faces the engine.

Replace Windshield Wipers

Wiper blades are exposed to dust, dirt, and debris, all of which contribute to the wear and tear that causes them not to work properly. Driving with worn wiper blades can be dangerous, so you should replace them as soon as you notice your visibility being impaired from streaking or inability to clean the windshield. To replace the wiper blades on your vehicle, start by identifying the size and type of wiper blade you will be replacing. You can refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual which will identify the type you have and might have step-by-step instructions specific to your vehicle. To unhook the blade, identify the unlatching mechanism. Some you can simply pinch to remove the blade, and others have a push button or pull latch. Wrap the defective wiper blade in a towel to prevent damage to your windshield while you remove it. Be sure to remove the plastic protector from the rubber side of the wiper blade and latch the new one to your vehicle just reversing what you did to
take off the old ones.

Hood Lifts

If you’re having to use a stick or broom to keep your hood up while inspecting your engine, then it’s time to replace the gas or hood lifts. First, reach out to your local auto parts store or Quality Plus Automotive to find the right lifts for your car. Then when you begin replacing the old lifts, use that old stick, a broom, or a friend to hold the hood up. By using a metric socket set and a ratchet, most lifts simply unbolt. Make sure to unbolt the top of the lifts first before unscrewing the bottom section.

While these are all easy DIY projects you can handle at home, sometimes they’re trickier than they appear. If you’re struggling with any of these projects, then reach out to our technicians anytime. They can guide you through the issue seamlessly or can tackle it quickly if you stop by one of the shops!

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