All Is Merry and Bright


Examining the Meaning of the Christmas Holiday

No matter how old you are, or how many Christmases you have celebrated, the late-year holidays are always the best time of the year. They’re filled with magic, love, holiday decorations, generosity, fun traditions, and family. They don’t call it the most wonderful time
of the year for nothing! There are so many activities, along with so many fun decorations, that accompany this happy time of the year.

Christmas is always a great time at my house. The entire family gathers together to cook some great meals and desserts, open up presents, enjoy some wonderful quality time, and kick back and relax. It’s always special to catch up with family and friends we haven’t seen in a while. I have three children who blessed me with six grandchildren, and while getting everyone under the same roof for the holidays can be tough, I cherish time with all of them.

For our Christmas meal, we always have a honey baked ham along with turkey and dressing. Pecan pie is an absolute favorite for dessert. We
all have a great time stuffing ourselves with all the delicious food we can get our hands on.

Throughout the holiday season, we often get together with many people within the community to partake in holiday events. From Halloween
through New Year’s, there is a certain sense of joy and happiness in the air! I enjoy the Christmas movies, music, lights, and trees, but I look forward to the holiday spirit in the hearts of those I love.

Christmas has many meanings, and I enjoy celebrating all of them. Christ is the reason for the season. In my family, on Christmas, we celebrate the birth of Jesus. He came to save us from our sins and died on the cross to display his love for us. On Dec. 25 every year, we
celebrate his birth.

Christmas also celebrates Santa Claus and gift giving and receiving. Throughout the holidays, we share ourselves with others and give to those who need help. We revive the old traditions that we develop over the years and reminisce on our past. By sharing gifts, we express ourselves and warm the hearts of others.

Christmas also brings out feelings of gratitude. I’m always reminded of how happy I am to have a nice place to live, to be in the greatest country, to have a career I love, for all of my loved ones, and for my health. Sometimes, we all complain about wanting more, but when I stop and remember that there are individuals out there without food, electricity, and running water, I am thankful for all of my blessings, and the holiday season is a perfect time to reflect on all that is good in our lives.

This holiday season, I hope that however you celebrate, you enjoy time with family and friends and have a fabulous time together. From the Quality Plus Automotive family to you and yours, happy holidays!

- Randy Bunn