Don't Stall on These Useful Car Accessories!


According to a survey conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, people in the U.S. spend roughly 293 hours a year behind the wheel of their cars. With so much commuting, it’s essential that you’re comfortable in your vehicle and you have the best accessories to enhance your driving experience while staying safe! Here are five items to add to your cart for your wheels.

Phone Holder

If you use GPS on your phone, a phone holder is a great option to keep both of your hands on the wheel and your eyes straight ahead so you can safely navigate your commute. There are many options on the market — some attach to your dashboard, and others can clip into your A/C vents.

Dash Cam

Nothing is more frustrating than attempting to prove your innocence to an insurance company after an accident. Dash cameras can capture everything that happens out there on the road from your point of view. They offer a great sense of peace of mind!

Trunk Organizer

When you make a hard right turn, do things go flying around in your trunk? With a trunk organizer, you can create a spot for all of the miscellaneous items you keep in the back. Some organizers even have Velcro on the bottom to further secure them to the trunk floor.

Cable Clips

Cable clips stick right on your dashboard or center console and hold your phone charger (or other cables) in place so you’re never fumbling around searching for a specific cord while driving.

First Aid Kit

You’ll never know when you’ll need a bandage or supplies for a more serious injury! The best part is that first aid kits don’t only come in handy in the event of accidents — they’re great for camping and sporting events too!