Why Do I Need An Oil Change?


The most important form of general maintenance to keep your vehicle running properly is to keep up with oil changes and other fluid maintenance services intervals based on your vehicle’s manufacturer’s recommendations. Every combustible (burnable) engine requires the oil to be changed whether it is a gas, diesel, or propane engine.

In the words of a technician, one of the main reasons for needing an oil change is due to any contaminants from unburned or partially burned fuel that goes by the piston rings.

The engine oil in your vehicle serves five purposes:

  1. It helps cool the engine

  2. It lubricates the engine making sure no two pieces of metal touch each other

  3. It helps clean the engine keeping sludge from building up

  4. It seals the piston rings

  5. It helps to seal and protect the inside from corrosion

In other words, having your vehicle’s oil changed at the recommended intervals helps your engine last longer and run cleaner and quieter, reduces internal engine wear and corrosion, provides better starting in colder and warmer weather, and reduces oil consumption.

What type of oil does my vehicle require?

Well, there are many kinds of oil and weight depending on the engine and the vehicle’s manufacturer’s specifications. The difference you see in price depends on the type of oil your vehicle is required to have, so what you’ll find is either a full synthetic, synthetic blend, or conventional oil. Most oil changes include up to five quarts of oil in the given price and depending on the vehicle some will use as few as four quarts and can go all the way up to nine quarts; this is where you see an additional cost on the service.

The most important value added to an oil change service is allowing the technician to overlook the entire condition of the vehicle. It is his duty to perform a thorough inspection on your vehicle every time it comes in for service, even if only for an oil change service. Our purpose for doing a full vehicle inspection is to help our customers understand what is needed as far as preventive maintenance, so that we can prepare them for upcoming services based on their safety and budgets. Staying on top of these maintenance services is the key to making your vehicle last longer, today the normal life span on a vehicle is between 200,000 to 300,000 miles. Your majority of quick lube locations don’t provide this extensive service. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for which usually just includes the oil change and basic filter.

We provide more than just your basic oil change, our service includes:

  • Oil and filter change

  • Check battery

  • Check all belts and hoses

  • Check and top off all fluid levels

  • Check front and rear brakes

  • Check tire pressure and wear, rotate as needed

  • 22-point safety inspection on the entire vehicle

  • Consultation about any problems you may be having with your vehicle

So, it really depends on the importance of your vehicle, and how long you want to it last you. By keeping up with the recommended oil change service intervals and bringing it to a shop with technicians with many years of experience, the price may be a little higher but you and your vehicle benefit from it in the long run.