Automotive Gift For Mother's Day!


If you haven't started thinking of something to do for Mom this Mother's Day, it's seriously time to start. This year, why not break away from the traditional gifts like flowers and jewelry and take care of any needed maintenance or service needed on her vehicle. A gift like that is sure to mean something especially if Mom spends a lot of time behind the wheel. Think of how much time she spends in her vehicle for work, carpool, school activities, sports practices and games, etc., all that driving definitely takes a toll on her vehicle. 

If she's been putting off any services, helping to catch those up would be a great gift and doesn't have to be a huge financial gesture. Here are a few budget friendly suggestions to show mom you care: 

Oil Change Service: Getting an oil change on Mom's car would be a good way to help her get the most miles out of her vehicle. 

Cabin Air Filter & Air Filter: A simple service such as changing the air filters in her vehicle will improve the quality of air that she's breathing while running around in her vehicle, and improve the performance of her vehicle's performance. 

Fluid Services: Checking the fluids is a great way to keep Mom's car in good running condition between major tune-ups and services. Maintaining major fluids such as oil, radiator fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, air conditioning coolant, and washer fluid is an inexpensive and simple way to prevent engine damage. 

Wiper Blade Replacement: Even the best wiper blades don't last forever, and are suggested to be replaced every 12 months. When is the last time Mom took the time to think about replacing the wiper blades on her vehicle? Taking care of this for her will prevent Mom from having to deal with poor wiper blades during spring showers. 

Tire Rotation: Tire rotation is another simple way to improve the performance of Mom's vehicle, and will help ensure an even wear on all four tires, enhance her ride, and improve handling and driving qualities. Tires should be rotated about every 5,000 miles or how many miles does Mom usually put on her vehicle? The good news is, we include a tire rotation with every oil change service, if necessary. Mom will appreciate that! 

If you bring Mom's vehicle in for a service for Mother's Day we'll even vacuum it out for you then all you'll have left to do is give it a quick car wash and you're good to go.

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