Helping Our Communities 4 Wheels at a Time


Featuring Wheels4Hope

As a customer of ours, you know that we're customer and community-oriented first and foremost. Going the extra mile for our customers is to ensure they're safe has been our quality standard since we opened our doors in 1984. This is why we are proud to be a community partner with another organization that is doing the same in our area.

Wheels4Hope is a nonprofit car donation program that turns donated cars into local miracles. Their sole mission is to provide reliable, affordable transportation to economically vulnerable families and people who are referred to them by their partner agencies. As a staple of our community, Wheels4Hope survives through the contributions of our neighbors. This includes numerous donors, volunteers, congregations, and partner businesses. These entities understand that transportation is a vital component for self-sufficiency - a requirement for stable employment and caring for a child, as well as the pursuit of education.

As a partner garage, we donate hours of labor to prepare the vehicles that are being placed back into the community. To make a difference in our community, it's as easy as giving them a call! From there, they will take care of everything. You can donate your vehicle and know that it won't go to just anyone. The organization partners with community agencies that refer applicants who are ready for the financial responsibility of owning and maintaining their own vehicle.

In addition to seeing your car to go to a donor who needs it, you can claim the full fair market value of the vehicle as a tax deduction. If not, Wheels4Hope repairs your car and sells it on their retail lot, which will generate the best value for your tax deduction. For all vehicles sold, all proceeds go back into the nonprofit to serve other deserving members of our community.

Located in the Triangle and Triad areas, Wheels4Hope has helped over 3,496 individuals in our neighborhood. To volunteer or get involved yourself, visit for information.