What is a 22-point safety inspection and why is it important?


When you choose to bring your vehicle to Quality Plus Automotive Service, we will perform a complimentary 22-point safety inspection on your vehicle. It doesn’t matter if you’re bringing your vehicle in for routine maintenance, repairs, or a checkup, we complete an extensive inspection to make sure your vehicle is performing its best. Our mission is your safety, so charging for something that is a necessary preventative maintenance service wouldn't sit right with us.

The 22-point safety inspection is indeed just that. It includes inspecting the entire vehicle from its operational performance, all the way down to the appearance of the air filters. Our Technicians will evaluate your vehicle from bumper to bumper to ensure that your vehicle is running at its best, and allows us to identify any problems before they become a bigger issue or safety hazard.

Our inspection process might look a little different than other automotive repair shops. The first thing we do is take your vehicle for a test drive to listen and experience the driving performance of the vehicle. During the test drive, the Technician pays close attention to listening for any squeaks or rattles because oftentimes those are signs of an underlying issue or problem that might arise.

Your vehicle is then pulled into the shop so that the Technician can complete the inspection checklist. This includes a full inspection under the hood, under the body, and the interior and exterior of your vehicle. The other benefit of performing this full vehicle inspection every time your vehicle comes into the shop is that we are able to address issues to help prevent any major repairs and to educate you on upcoming maintenance so that you’re able to plan your schedule and prepare for it in your budget. We only recommend services based on your safety and satisfaction. Staying on top of the maintenance requirements of your vehicle is important to get the most out of your vehicle, but we will never pressure you unless it is in fact a safety hazard.

Now, let’s break down the vehicle inspection checklist.

Under the Hood
Inspecting the condition and operation of your:

  • Engine

  • Air and cabin filters

  • Timing belt

  • Drive belt

  • Hoses

  • Fluid levels

  • Battery

Under the Body
Inspecting the condition and operation of your:

  • Tire condition, pressure, and alignment

  • Brake wear

  • Fuel filter and lines

  • Brake lines and hoses

  • Steering and suspension

  • Exhaust system and manifolds

Interior and Exterior
Inspecting the condition and operation of your:

  • Safety lights, including headlights, brake lights, hazard lights, and turn signals

  • Windshield wipers

  • Horn

  • Air conditioning vent performance and temperature

  • Visual airbag and ABS lights

When the Technician is performing the preventative maintenance 22-point safety checklist they are primarily looking for any leaks, wear or damage, performance, and cleanliness when it comes to your air filters.

Given that many people haven’t been driving their vehicles as often as usual during the last few months, a preventative maintenance safety inspection service is important to make sure your vehicle hasn’t developed any issues if it has been sitting idle. Give yourself peace of mind, and make sure your vehicle is safe by having a safety inspection completed.

The Technicians at Quality Plus Automotive Service are happy to help you keep your vehicle in top condition. Call us today to schedule an appointment or request your appointment online!