Preventive Maintenance: The Secret to Keeping Your Car Running


When it comes to the health of your vehicle, just like your own, preventive maintenance is key. To avoid health complications down the road, you go for checkups and wellness visits, fuel yourself with nutritious and sustainable food, and practice proper hygiene. The same should be true for your car.

Preventive maintenance stops small problems in their tracks before they become bigger, pricier issues. This list of five items you need to have inspected annually by a professional could be a lifesaver!

1. Oil Change
This one goes without saying because if you own a vehicle, you likely know that oil changes are the key to keeping your car running at its maximum potential. When your oil gets dirty and thick, the components of your car become contaminated and grime buildups can occur, damaging your engine.

2. Other Fluids
Check your coolant, transmission fluid, brake fluid, wiper fluid, and power steering fluid. Each fluid should be clean, within the recommended service interval, and in the right amount and concentration for your vehicle to run properly. Follow your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations for replacing fluids.

3. Brakes
Your brakes may need replacing if you notice any of the following: squeaking or squealing noises, grinding sound or vibrating when braking, taking longer to stop, the brake pad indicator light comes on, or the brake pads appear to be thin. These are safety issues that should be promptly addressed.

4. Tire Alignment
With regular oil changes come tire rotations and hopefully an alignment! As you drive, the tread on your tires wears down, and depending on how and where you drive, this may occur unevenly. When this happens, your tires may move a little bit, affecting your steering. To avoid this, a tire alignment will keep everything where it’s supposed to be.

5. Battery Check
Nobody likes getting in their car only to find that the battery is dead. A dead battery must be replaced, and having it regularly checked will tell you when it needs to be replaced as well as if there any other issues.

Preventive maintenance is essential for keeping you safely on the road. For more information on preventive maintenance and/or to book an appointment, get in touch with us today! Your car deserves it!