4 Life Skills You Can Teach Your Kids This Valentine's Day


Nothing says “I love you” more than equipping your children with important knowledge they’ll need for the rest of their adult lives. Even
if they groan about it now, they’ll be grateful for the know-how when they’re on their own in the future.

Keep in mind that your home classroom doesn’t have to mimic a school classroom. Research from the University of Utah shows that kids learn
best through hands-on activities and play. Have fun while teaching these life skills, and you’ll earn thank-yous for decades to come.

Clean the House. Were you ever surprised by how often you have to clean your kitchen? Your child may be too. Although your 10-year-old
won’t have to worry about cleaning the stove today, they will need to know how when they move out, so find ways to incentivize cleaning
and make it more fun. You can have your kids collect “chore points” that add up to a prize, like an extra hour of playing video games!

Develop Cooking Skills. You may be hesitant to have a little chef in the house, but if you’re teaching them how to clean up and stay safe
while making some easy dishes, there’s no reason to worry! Even if you’re not a great cook yourself, it’s fun to prepare simple recipes
as a family. Plus, your kids will get used to the idea of cooking for themselves, which is both healthy and cost-effective.

Learn to Garden. What’s a better way to get outdoors with your child than to garden together? From using tools like shovels and rakes to
nurturing another living organism, gardening provides plenty of rich life lessons, such as patience.

Understand Household Maintenance. Whether they’re learning how to use an electric breaker, unclog a drain, or clean out the washer or
dryer, your kids can get started learning household maintenance skills with just a little guidance. Who knows, maybe they will be their dorm’s
future superhero!

There are many lessons you can teach your child at any age, so don’t limit yourself! Be creative with the lessons you pass on, and there’s a
chance they’ll never forget them!

Do you have any other lessons you've taught your kids that you could share?