Car Care Myths


Premium gas improves performance. Most gas pumps give you several options from regular to high octane, but should you be putting premium fuel in your car if it isn’t required? This answer varies based on the car, but for a vast majority of drivers, the answer is no, you shouldn’t use premium. According to Consumer Reports, using premium when it isn’t required does not improve performance or gas mileage. This is also true of cars that recommend premium rather than regular.

However, if you drive a vehicle that requires higher-octane fuel, do not use regular. Tuned engine and performance vehicles are specifically designed for higher-octane fuel, and regular fuel can cause damage. If you use premium fuel in a car that does not require it, switch to regular, and start to hear a pinging or knocking sound coming from the engine, switch back to premium as soon as possible.

Every new car should be serviced at the dealership — or it will void the warranty. This one is 100% false. While dealerships will do what they can to convince you that you should get your vehicle serviced there, it is not a requirement. There isn’t anything wrong with getting your vehicle serviced at your dealership of choice, but no warranty will be voided if you decide to go somewhere else to an independent repair shop like ours. Your best bet is to simply find a shop and mechanic you trust and to put your vehicle in their capable hands! But if you do have a warranty, always read the fine print so you are fully aware of the terms and conditions, no matter the situation.

Battery corrosion can be cleaned with a can of Coke. Is it true that all you need is a can of Coca-Cola to clean corrosion from a car battery? There actually is some truth to this — however, it isn’t recommended. While Coke is acidic enough to help remove battery corrosion, along with a wire brush, there are better (and safer) ways to clean corrosion from the battery and terminals, such as taking it to your favorite mechanic to take a look at to make sure nothing is wrong with the battery, terminals, or cables.

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