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Don't Forget About the Filter!


A general rule of thumb is to change your engine’s air filter approximately every 15,000 miles or once a year. Some people choose to change their air filter with every oil change, every other oil change, or whenever they go in for annual service — but are there telltale signs you need a new air filter? The answer is yes! Here is what you need to look out for:
A Drop in Gas Mileage
If you notice there’s been a drop in gas mileage, but your driving habits haven’t changed — and you have no idea what could possibly be leading to the drop — check your air filter. Every internal combustion engine needs healthy airflow in order to operate efficiently. If there are any blockages, gas mileage will drop. It will be very small at first, but over
time, it will become noticeable.
A Struggle With Vehicle Ignition
If the engine air filter has been neglected for a long time, the lack of airflow can impact your vehicle’s ignition system. This problem is more common in older vehicles, but it can impact any internal combustion engine. If air isn’t circulating properly, carbon and other exhaust materials can build up in the engine and around the spark plugs. Over time, this causes the spark plugs to misfire and leads to ignition issues and a drop in power.
Changing the Cabin Air Filter
This air filter —which filters the air pushed through your vehicle’s HVAC system— needs to be changed regularly. This filter is essential to keep dust and other particles out of your face, so you’re breathing cleaner air while you’re out driving. You can even get filters that protect against certain allergens, such as pollen, or filters for common air pollutants.

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