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Watch Out for Nature's Paint Killer!


The Perils of Pollen

Spring Car Care
It’s spring, which means a lot of people are cleaning their vehicles for the first time in several months. Just as we clean at home, spring-cleaning our cars and trucks is also important. Over the winter months, extra dirt and dust can accumulate on the interior and exterior of your car. But there is really one thing you should watch out for this spring as you clean your car.

Nature’s Paint Killer
As we all know, we live in an area of North Carolina blessed with a great many pine trees, and with pine trees comes pollen. For allergy sufferers, pollen can be a nightmare leading to sneezing, itchy eyes, and headaches. But did you know pollen can also damage your vehicle?

Pollen is highly acidic. All it takes is one grain of pollen to damage your car’s exterior. This is especially problematic for folks who park outdoors or are unable to regularly wash their vehicle’s exterior. Here’s why: When pollen lands on your vehicle and it gets wet, it interacts with the paint and slowly erodes it away. Over time, your paint will start to take on a dull appearance. With enough time, it can lead to pitting, and if the erosion is bad enough, rust can follow.

The Cure
The quickest and easiest way to take care of the problem is with a car wash! But you have to do more than just rinse or wipe it away. Rinsing can actually make the problem worse, as water “activates” the pollen. Wiping the pollen away can potentially scratch the paint — and when you have scratches, you give pollen a place to hide where it can do its damage. The key is to use soapy water. You can do this at home or head to your favorite car wash. After the wash, waxing is also recommended because it creates a temporary barrier that keeps pollen from doing any damage. A good wash and wax in early spring will help keep your vehicle safe from pollen for several months!

Besides a good spring cleaning, if your vehicle is due for a service, don't hesitate to contact us at either of our shop locations.