Holiday Road Tripping - 5 Tips for Safe Driving


The holidays are here, and that means more people on the road, an increased possibility for distracted drivers, and some potentially
intense weather situations. With these five tips for road safety this holiday season, you'll be prepared to get to your destination safely!

Plan in advance.
Before hitting the road, make sure your vehicle is prepared to make the trip. Schedule regular maintenance and have a qualified mechanic
take a look under the hood to check your oil, wiper fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and tire tread and pressure (and bring along a
good tire pressure gauge and learn how to use it!) The last thing you want is to be 200 miles into your 450-mile trip and break down!

Be well-rested and alert.
Get your rest before you begin driving to ensure that you are able to stay alert and responsive. If you are traveling with others, split up the driving to give yourself a break. If your driving will span over the course of a few days, be sure to stop and rest up each night before you resume driving the next day.

Watch your speed.
Make sure that you are always traveling at a safe speed and allowing enough space between your vehicle and other vehicles on the road. When speeding occurs, drivers tend to become reckless and lose control of the vehicle.

Drive defensively.
By practicing defensive driving, you are putting the safety of yourself and your passengers first. Throughout the holidays, the roads will be filled with heavy traffic, so safely navigating traffic jams and thick traffic will be paramount.

Avoid becoming distracted.
On long road trips, the temptation to check your phone, reach for something in the back seat, or concentrate a little too much on your snack is there. All it takes is one second of taking your eyes off of the road for something to happen. Safe driving requires your undivided attention at all times, so if you need to use your phone or grab a snack from the back seat, pull over when it is safe to do so.

With the excitement of the holidays, practicing safe driving is especially important. To schedule regular maintenance on your vehicle, call us today, and we’ll fit you in! Happy traveling!