Staying On Top of It: Why Proper Tire Inflation Is Important


When you think of vehicle maintenance, oil changes, fluid checks, and battery tests likely come to mind. But another huge component of taking care of your car is proper tire inflation. Tires that contain the specified amount of air pressure last longer and keep the vehicle safer. After all, the vehicle cannot run without properly functioning tires.

When the tire pressure in a vehicle gets too low, braking distances are affected, and the steering and handling becomes less responsive.
If a sudden stop or hard maneuver becomes necessary on the road to avoid an accident, it is extremely important that your tires are
properly equipped to do so.

Low tire pressure also causes the sidewalls of a tire to flex, which generates heat. Moderate heat can accelerate the tread wear of your tires, but high heat can cause tread segments to fall off and can even cause a blowout. When vehicle tires don’t have enough air, the tire has a higher rolling resistance, which can reduce the fuel economy of the car.

According to AAA, you should inspect your tires once a month, including checking the tire pressure, especially before a road trip. If you drive on a
dirt road, live in a cold climate, or roll over potholes frequently, you should check on your tires more often. To keep the tread wear equal on all four tires, regular tire rotations are recommended. Also, if you notice that your car is pulling to one side or the other when you are driving it, have your wheel alignment checked and adjusted if necessary.

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