It's All in the Blades - Windshield Wipers: An Important Safety Component


Something as simple as windshield wipers can make all the difference in the safety of your vehicle. Although wiper blades pack a huge punch
when it comes to visibility, they are oftentimes forgotten about or neglected. We get it — servicing your car regularly and remembering
all of the components is a lot!

When you’re driving, seeing everything in front of and surrounding your vehicle is just as important as making sure that your brakes
properly function. After all, what good is being able to stop if you can’t see what you’re stopping for?

Changes in temperature and humidity as well as large amounts of usage can wear out your windshield wiper blades. When this happens,
it is time to invest in some new ones.

Signs It’s Time for New Wiper Blades

  • Your windshield is streaking after usage.
  • Your wipers are squeaking during usage.
  • Your wipers are not moving when they are activated.
  • The rubber splitting on the wiper arms is peeling off.
  • The blades are coming off the windshield.

To change your windshield wiper blades, you must measure the length of your current blades or check your vehicle’s manual for the proper size. Once you purchase new blades, to remove your old ones, simply lift the blade’s arm away from the windshield, press down on the tab under the wiper, and slide the blade off while pulling downward. Then, pull the new blade onto the wiper arm. You will hear a clicking sound when it is in place. Lower the arm back onto the windshield and repeat the process on the other side.

If you need assistance in inspecting your windshield wiper blades, picking out new blades, or changing them out, you can always                contact our professionals at Quality Plus Automotive.