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Emergencies Happen


Important Items to Keep in Your Car This Winter

You never know when disaster may strike, so that’s why it’s important to have an emergency kit in your car this winter. Snow and ice can
cause numerous problems for both the roads and your vehicle, but there are steps you can take to avoid an unforeseen catastrophe. Here
are some essential items to keep in your car throughout winter.

Snow Brush and Ice Scraper
Even if the weather channel isn’t predicting it, there’s always the chance of a missed forecast resulting in a surprise wintry event causing snow
or ice accumulations. If you drive with snow on your vehicle, not only can it obstruct your view of the road, but when the snow flies off your
vehicle, it can also hit another car on the road. Snow brushes and ice scrapers will be important to take everywhere this winter.

Could you imagine being stuck in snow? If only you had something to help dig your car out … Keeping a small, compact shovel in your
trunk is a great idea to ensure you’re never stuck in the snow in a parking lot, in a driveway, or along the side of the road.

Emergency Flares and Reflectors
In snowstorms, visibility is drastically reduced, even during the day. If you are ever pulled over on the side of the road, reflectors and flares ensure that other vehicles can see you from a distance in nasty winter weather.

First-Aid Kit
If a car crash ever takes place, having a first-aid kit on hand will be useful. Especially in the winter, emergency response times may be
longer, so it’s important to have some medical supplies ready for use.

Jumper Cables
Did you know that cold temperatures and frigid weather can negatively impact your car’s battery? It’s important to carry jumper
cables in your car so you can start your vehicle with the help of another car, even when your battery is struggling or dead.

Emergency Blanket
Keep a backup source for emergency warmth stored in your car so it will be available at any time. This could be something as simple as
an old wool blanket, an extra coat or heavy jacket, or a mylar space blanket. Having a backup source of warmth could become a critical
lifesaver If you run out of gas or become stranded in a remote area where help may be slow to arrive. An extra pair of waterproof boots
kept in the trunk can also add to your comfort and safety If you’re going to be stuck outside for any length of time.

These simple additions to your winter emergency kit will provide an extra margin of comfort and safety as you travel through the next few
months. Safe travels to all!