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Spring Fever


The weather is warming up, the sun is out, and you’re inside! Many of us have jobs that keep us indoors during spring’s prime midday hours, and after a long winter, it can be hard to resist the call of warm weather and longer daylight hours.

If you’re looking for ways to stay productive while bringing a little “spring” into your work routine, here are a few tips!

Bring the Outdoors In. When the weather is nice, open as many curtains and blinds as possible. Natural light warms up a room and has a mood-enhancing effect. Try opening a window and then position yourself next to it. Feeling the spring breeze on your face is the next best thing to being outside! Also, consider placing a few plants in your work environment. Plants add a welcome ambiance to a room and help to create a general sense of nature and the outdoors.

Take a Break. Use your break for an outdoor stroll and take in the fresh smells and sounds of the season. If possible, try walking or taking a bike to work. If you commute, try parking further away to give yourself a few minutes to enjoy the weather. If your building has an outdoor patio, consider taking lunch at the picnic table or going to a nearby park.

Be an Office Hero! Volunteer to do the morning coffee run, pick up lunch, or any other office errands. You’ll get a change of pace, get some exercise, and help your team at the same time.

Try Working Outside. If your office has the flexibility, there may be opportunities to hold some meetings outside. Consider scheduling lunch meetings in an outdoor space with bag lunches.

By making one or more of these small adjustments, you’ll be able to enjoy the season in small doses while staying on-track with your work routine.

Happy Spring!