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He Makes Our Lives Whole



It’s often said that a dog is the only thing on earth that will love you more than he loves himself, and our new rescue dog Zeike has proven that to be absolutely true. My wife had been in search of a dog for some time, and when our daughter-in-law told her that someone she knew had a rescue dog that she was trying to find a home for, my wife was already sold. We had to have him.

When she got to the home, there was no getting him out of the house. He was so scared, frantic, and skittish that the only way they could get him out was by placing the pet carrier on the floor and waiting for him to run inside it. We could tell he was in pretty bad shape, so we took him straight to the vet.

The vet’s office said that it was obvious  that Zeike hadn’t been washed in a couple years and was so matted that he had to be completely shaved. He is certainly a mixed breed, and our best guess is a cross between a poodle and a Shih Tzu. Once we got him home, he stayed in the carrying case for the first two weeks and wouldn’t even come out to eat. After about 30 days, my wife was able to handle him a bit, but it took about 4–5 months before I was able to touch him.

To this day, he’s still a little skittish but is certainly the  dog of the house. Every two weeks or so, we take him to be groomed, but every time he gets in the car, he shakes uncontrollably. Overall, Zeike has made a massive turnaround and becomes a little less timid every day. He certainly loves to love and to be loved and is a member of the family. It’s amazing to have this little guy waiting for us at home and see his excitement when we come through the door.

It’s mind-boggling how people can abuse animals and fail to provide proper care and shelter. Since I grew up with cows, pigs, and chickens on the farm, animals hold a special place in my heart, and I know that many others feel the same. However, it breaks my heart that some people mistreat them. They love us so much and when it comes down to it, you really don’t have to do much for them except love them in return.

In honor of National Pet Week in the first week of May, I celebrate Zeike and all of the other pets out there who are truly part of the family. I encourage responsible pet care and hope that all animals are treated with love and kindness. I also urge everyone to be kind to animals —we don’t deserve them!

- Randy Bunn