Proactivity is Better than Reactivity



We’ve all heard it before: Proactivity is better than reactivity. In that sense, preventive maintenance is key to making sure you don’t wind up having to make time-consuming and costly repairs later down the road.

Taking your car in for a service is similar to going to the doctor for a checkup. Your technician will check for leaks, blockages, misalignments, and tire issues. Just like visiting the doctor, the entire system of your vehicle is closely inspected. Sometimes, after a service, no issues may present themselves, and other times, only one or two small issues may present themselves. Rarely, big, monumental problems may come up. No matter the severity, it is always important that the issue is corrected before it has the opportunity to fester and create a larger issue for your vehicle.

Taking your car in for a service can also yield some great benefits.


When tiny problems that you had no idea existed are rectified, you may  get more miles to the gallon. For example, issues with your vehicle’s brakes may cause your car to use up more gas than normal. If your brakes are sticking or squeaking and you replace the brake pads, you may leave the shop getting better gas mileage than when you arrived.


If your car has been  shaking, pulling toone side, or running a little rough, it may be indicative of an underlying issue. A service can help to diagnose the problem that is causing your car to run a little rough and, in turn, you’ll have a much smoother ride once the issue is corrected!


If your dashboard is lit up like a Christmas tree, have a certified mechanic diagnoses all of the issues. Not only is this easier on the eyes, it also delivers peace of mind knowing that your car isn’t going to break down at the next red light.

At Quality Plus Automotive, we encourage you to keep up with your vehicle maintenance to prevent surprise problems down the road! Call us today for an appointment!