You Can't Change Gas Prices - But You Can Adjust the Way You Drive


Are you tossing money out the window each time you hit the road?

Recently, due to inflation and current events, gas prices are through the roof. Whether or not they go down any time soon shouldn’t deter you from making small adjustments to your driving so you can save money on gas!

Here are some bad driving habits that wind up costing you at the dreaded gas pump.

Forgetting About Cruise Control

One of the most underutilized features on most modern vehicles is cruise control. Many of us jump on the highway and never even think to use it. However, cruise control can help you save fuel by up to 7%. This is because it helps you to maintain a steady speed instead of hitting the gas and brakes over and over again.

Aggressive Driving

Being angry and impatient certainly doesn’t pay off on the road. In fact, accelerating abruptly when the light turns green, speeding, and hard braking all burns through gas more quickly (and can be tough on your  drivetrain components).

Roof Rack

Does your car have a roof rack? While useful and practical, when not in use, a roof rack can create air resistance, which forces your car’s engine to work a bit harder, leading to more gas consumption.


When your car sits idle at red lights, in the parking lot, or while dropping off kids at school, you use more gas! When you can, turn your car off and then restart it — this is proven to use less gas overall!

Poor Vehicle Maintenance

Bringing your car in for regular service, oil changes, tire rotations, filter changes, and tire checks all contribute to your vehicle running more smoothly and drinking less gas! When things aren’t working quite as they should, vehicles tend to be more greedy on the fuel!