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Summer Isn't Over Yet - Three Memorable Ways to Close the Season


As much as many of us wish we could have an endless summer, all good things must come to an end. But why let the season close with a whimper when you can go out with a bang? Strive for a memorable last few days of the season with one of these family friendly ideas.

Take a family road trip. What says “summer” more than piling in the car and driving somewhere? You don’t necessarily have to go far. A new town just a few hours away can still be an adventure. Check out a local state park or nearby museum you’ve always meant to visit and let your children enjoy the novelty of sleeping in a hotel room or camper. Even a weekend away will feel like an occasion and stick out in everyone’s memories.

Spend a day on the water. Enjoying the water is one of the summer’s greatest pleasures, so make the most of it one last time. Depending on where you live, you might incorporate this idea into your road trip. Head to the nearest beach, lake, or river and pack in as much summer fun as possible with a favorite summer activity or something new! You could help your kids build a sandcastle, rent a kayak or paddleboat, or try water skiing. You might even surf or snorkel.

Have a late night. Bedtime routines are about to make a return for school kids, much to their possible dismay, but you can indulge them with one last hurrah. Plan a special late night the family can enjoy together. You might go to a drive-in theater or host a movie marathon at home with plenty of popcorn. Camping on your lawn will also allow staying up late together doing something exciting. No tent? No problem — build a pillow fort in the living room instead!

Summer only comes once a year, so don’t let its final days go to waste. A special celebration to mark the season’s end will leave you with lasting memories and even more reasons to look forward to next year.