The Backbone of Quality Plus Automotive: Our Dedicated Team


I built Quality Plus Automotive from the ground up. I had a dream and a vision, and I ran with it many years ago. To make my vision for a successful company a reality, I put in long hours and sometimes lost sleep. I tried a lot of things that failed and had to start over from what felt like the very beginning. Now, 38 years later, my business is thriving, but one thing is for sure: Without my team of dedicated and hardworking employees, none of this would be possible.

In this business, customer satisfaction is crucial. If you weren’t happy with our level of service, you wouldn’t trust us with your vehicle or continue to visit our shop, and an essential part of our ability to deliver excellent customer service and satisfaction falls on our team’s shoulders. To the core, they represent everything Quality Plus Automotive stands for — fairness, quality, safety, and kindness.

This Labor Day, I’d like to give a giant shout-out to my team. Employee appreciation goes far beyond a feel good gesture or a few kind words — it’s a powerful tool that helps foster loyalty, enhance productivity, boost morale, and improve the experience for our customers. It took me being in business for many years to fully realize it’s my team that makes the business operate. While I started it, they are the backbone of the company that keeps it running. I’m not the guy who is there day in and day out — the customers depend on my team.

The individuals in place today make up the best team we’ve ever had. I work hard to take care of our employees and create a positive work-life balance, and it shows in the longevity of our team members. Some have been with us for 15 years, others are coming up on seven or eight years, and we have a few new people who are enjoying our work environment.

From the mechanics who ensure the safety and quality of your vehicles to those who work hard at the front desk booking appointments and assisting customers in a warm and inviting atmosphere, everyone nurtures loyalty and puts our customers first. I love this about our team! In today’s world, it’s tough to find dedicated, hardworking, and honest individuals with values that align with those of the company. After 38 years, we’ve nailed it — we have the dream team!

To my team at Quality Plus Automotive, I see all of you busting your butts every day. I can’t thank you enough for constantly delivering “wows” to our customers. You are the real MVPs — thank you!

- Randy Bunn