4 Resolutions Every Car Owner Should Make


Each year, January grants us the opportunity for a clean slate and a fresh start. Many of us set out to develop a healthier diet, lose weight, read more, or ditch bad habits and develop better ones. However, one thing we often take for granted is our car.

This year, here are some resolutions you can make to better care for your vehicle. After all, being a better car owner is just as important as being a better person!

Develop a car maintenance checklist.

Oftentimes, people rush to the mechanic when a problem presents itself. However, this is a bad habit to fall into. Instead, you should be maintaining your vehicle all year round, acting proactively to prevent severe and/or expensive complications from arising. With a proper car maintenance checklist, you’ll be sure to save money in the long run.

Learn how to change a tire.

Nobody wants to ever be stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire, waiting for a tow truck to either help you change a tire or give you a lift to the nearest mechanic. If you don’t already know how to change a tire, it’ll come in handy to have someone show you the ropes so you’re comfortable doing so on your own in case the time ever comes.

Learn how to jump-start your car.

Along the same lines, waking up in the morning to a dead car battery can really put a damper on the day. To avoid ever being stranded, be sure to always carry jumper cables and know how to safely use them!

Never ignore the signs your car gives you.  Your vehiclehas many lights, indicators, and signals  that communicate with you. When something isseriously wrong with your car, your dashboard may light up like a Christmas tree or you might hear certain sounds. Learning how to read your car’s warning lights and what the strange noises mean is an important way to properly care for and maintain your vehicle.