My Favorite People Call Me Dad


To be called Dad is the greatest blessing in my life. I think that it’s overwhelmingly true when I say that all of my favorite people call me Dad. Having children and raising them up has hands down been my proudest accomplishment — and I’m positive that nothing will ever top it. However, it all started with my dad: the best example of a hardworking and loving father.

If you know me at all, you’ll know that I’m a workaholic. I eat, sleep, live, and breathe all things work, cars, business, and automotive. I can attribute this all to my dad. Growing up, I always saw him working. In fact, he had two jobs: tending to the family farm and working full-time as a pressman. He also stepped in and helped his brother out in his auto repair shop after hours. It wasn’t just that he couldn’t sit still — he just had a true drive to deliver the very best. While his days and nights were long and he sometimes got only just a few hours of sleep, he still always found time to also be present as a father and husband. After retiring from the more demanding jobs, he worked as a store greeter at Walmart.

Throughout the years, I learned so much from my dad. I’d be a fool not to. He knew how to fix everything and anything. If a fence broke, a piece of furniture needed to be built, or if a car or tractor wouldn’t start, he was the guy. He always knew just what to do and if he didn’t, you could have full faith that he’d figure it out in a matter of minutes. I learned common sense and logic from my dad. The one person I ever remember him hiring for help was a veterinarian on the farm and even then, after that one initial visit, he learned exactly what he needed to do and from that point, he cared for our farm animals himself.

The best part about my dad was that he was humble — he had no idea just how much talent he had. He was easygoing and never got upset. Everything he did, he did with a smile on his face, and he loved and embraced life. My oldest son reminds me a lot of my dad in that regard!

As a dad to two boys and a girl and a grandfather to six grandchildren (and one on the way), I hope that I’ve been successful in handing down important life lessons, values, and attitudes from my dad. I cherish time spent with my children and grandchildren, and this Father’s Day (and every day), I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be a dad. Happy Father’s Day!

- Randy Bunn