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Keep Your Car's Resale Value High



It’s often said that the second you drive your car off the new or used car lot, it depreciates in value. Just the thought of this can be worrisome. While depreciation is unavoidable, it can be managed to some degree. Here are four things to avoid if you’re trying to preserve the value of your vehicle.

Throwing Away Paperwork

The next potential buyer of your car will look into the history of your vehicle, as they’re in search of a car that has been properly maintained. Keep all service receipts, maintenance records, purchase documents, vehicle insurance and test certificates, registration confirmations, and other paperwork together and organized. That way, a buyer will clearly see your car’s individual story. Your auto repair shop should also be maintaining records of your service visits if you need backup.

Neglecting the Car’s Cleanliness

Many people think that the cleanliness of their car doesn’t matter. “I’ll just clean it up really well when it comes time to sell it,” they say. However, an accumulation of dust, dirt, and grime can lead to more rapid deterioration of upholstery as well as the general interior. Also remember that when potential purchasers look at your car, they will notice all the dings and scratches.

Failing to Keep Up on Regular Maintenance

Each time you service your vehicle, it gets reported on your car’s CarFax. Follow your trusted mechanic’s advice on when to bring your vehicle in for routine oil changes, tire rotations, brake replacements, and battery checks.

Buying Tempting Vehicle Accessories

While adding cold air intake or supercharging the engine may sound enticing to you, remember that not everyone will want these modifications. Think twice before putting different rims on the car or swapping out the stock lights for a new light modification.

Even if you plan on keeping your car for a very long time, you’ll want to maintain your vehicle properly, which translates to a better market value. These preventive steps will help keep your vehicle in the best possible condition regardless of its age, and you may reap the benefit when the time comes to sell.