Spring-Clean Your Vehicle!



Winter months can be a little harsh on your vehicle. Snow, slush, road salt, and dirt quickly pile up on the exterior of your vehicle, not to mention anything your clothes and shoes may have tracked inside. When it’s freezing cold outside, washing your car may not be an option for you, so your car usually has to wait until spring for a good cleaning!

Now that winter has come to an end, it’s time to focus on giving your car some TLC. Here are a few tips and life hacks for thoroughly cleaning your car!

Brush your mats and carpets.

Each time you entered your vehicle after walking through snow or damp ground, you probably brought some water, moisture, and dirt along with you. Use a heavy-duty brush on your carpets and mats to loosen any debris that is caked on, then vacuum it up!

Use a microfiber cloth on the windows.

Ditch the paper towels! To avoid leaving streak marks behind, use a microfiber cloth and a gentle window cleaner to leave your windows looking sleek and blemish-free!

Use a makeup brush.

To clean dusty air vents, your radio controls and buttons, and small crevices in your dashboard, grab a makeup brush! It’s small enough to get to those hard-to-reach places and will leave it nice and clean.

Place a storage bag inside.

Once you clean up and throw out all of the trash that has built up inside your vehicle, hook a canvas storage bag on your glove box or around a headrest to serve as a trash can for the future. Once it gets full, simply dump the contents into a garbage can!

Use dryer sheets.

Not only can rubbing dryer sheets around the interior of your car help it smell better, but they are also fabulous at removing dead bugs from your car’s exterior! Just gently rub a dryer sheet along the entire outside of your car, and dead bugs will come right off like magic!