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Help Your Tires Last Longer!


The Importance of Tire Rotation and Balancing

Your vehicle’s tires travel an incredible amount of miles. Just like the soles on your shoes, over time, tires experience a bunch of wear and tear — usually in some places more than others depending on where most of the friction takes place during travel.

A set of tires is one of the most expensive things you replace on your vehicle — failing to rotate and balance your tires regularly can jeopardize your safety, as tread wears down and can wind up costing you hundreds of dollars. That’s why it’s so important to take preventive measures to care for your tires to avoid any large expenses or potential accidents down the road.

Tire rotation and balancing is a procedure that helps increase the efficiency, safety, and longevity of your car’s tires. During a tire rotation, your trusted auto care professional will remove your wheels and replace them from front to back, right to left. During a tire balance, your auto care professional will use a machine to ensure that the weight of the tire and wheel are equal.

It’s recommended that you take your vehicle to your mechanic to rotate your tires every 5,000 miles traveled. Failing to rotate your tires can result in your front tires becoming much more worn than your back tires and can result in needing to purchase new front tires sooner than a complete set.

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