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The Importance of Changing Your Car’s Cabin Air Filter

Early one morning, you hop in your car with your coffee and begin your commute to work, then it hits you … what’s that funky, musty smell?

Your car’s cabin air filter plays a vital role in keeping the environment in your vehicle clean, as it’s designed to remove dust, pollen, and other contaminants and airborne particles. If the cabin air filter is overlooked and not routinely replaced, more problems than just a funky smell can arise. Let’s take a look at the rewards of changing your vehicle’s cabin air filter regularly.

Improves Your Car’s Air Quality

As you drive, exterior dust, debris, pollen, and other particles enter your car through the ventilation system. Your cabin air filter then traps these contaminants to make sure they don’t circulate throughout the car’s interior. However, those particles are still there, so replacing this filter regularly ensures that the air you and your passengers breathe is clean and fresh.

Helps Your Vehicle’s Climate Control System

When your cabin air filter is clean and debris-free, the A/C and/ or heater works better. If that filter becomes clogged, airflow is  restricted, making it more difficult for the car to efficiently pump heated or cooled air throughout your vehicle’s interior.

Protects You From Odors and Allergies

A contaminated cabin air filter traps moisture, allergens, and dust, which can then emit musty odors and trigger your allergies. Replacing the interior air filter allows these allergens to be removed and reduces the chances of moisture buildup, keeping your car from smelling bad.

Check with your car’s manufacturer or trusted mechanic for guidance on how often you should exchange your vehicle’s cabin air filter. Trust us — you’ll be glad you did!