Drive Greener and Save Fuel



Do you remember about six months ago when fuel prices spiked dramatically? The cost of gas seems to fluctuate constantly and is now on the rise again. Getting better gas mileage is a goal for many vehicle owners and drivers. Efficient driving not only helps save money at the gas pump, but it also reduces carbon emissions and promotes a more sustainable environment for future generations.

To improve gas mileage, here are some simple tips to follow:

Properly maintain your vehicle.

This one is huge — regular vehicle maintenance is essential for optimal gas mileage. By following the manufacturer’s service recommendations, your vehicle will run efficiently and perform its best, yielding a desirable gas mileage.

In addition to regular maintenance, consider our fuel injection service that enables your vehicle to operation at peak fuel efficiency.

Be mindful when driving.

While driving, avoid all aggressive driving behaviors, including quick and sudden accelerations and hard braking. These bad driving habits tend to waste fuel and place unnecessary strain on your car. Instead, be intentional about the way you drive. Make smooth transitions and accelerations. Take care to maintain a consistent speed while anticipating traffic conditions to avoid slamming on the brakes. Also, take advantage of your cruise control on highways to limit unnecessary speed fluctuations.

Limit idling your vehicle when possible.

An idling car is still consuming fuel. Try to minimize situations where you might find yourself having to resort to idling your vehicle. This might mean something as simple as turning off your engine and choosing to go inside rather than sitting in a drive-thru line for 15 minutes or more. You might also want to watch the frequency and length of time you start your vehicle and then let it sit while running the heat or air conditioning before you actually get into the car.

By incorporating these tips into your driving habits, you will be more likely to get better gas mileage and potentially stretch your gas dollars a little further. If it’s been a while since you had maintenance performed on your vehicle, call us for an appointment – and be sure to ask if your vehicle could benefit from our fuel injection service!