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Dashboard Diagnostics, Part 2


4 MORE Dashboard Symbols & What They Mean

Every dashboard is home to about a dozen lights. These lights each service a specific function, but it’s not always clear what the function is or what the lights even mean. Last month, we looked at four lights: the check engine light, engine temperature warning, oil pressure warning, and tire pressure warning. This month, we’re looking at four more lights and what they mean. So, if you see one, you’ll know what to do.


BATTERY WARNING This looks like a battery with a plus and minus sign. If this light comes on, it means your car battery is draining, but the engine isn’t on and the alternator isn’t charging the battery. If left on for too long, the battery will dram and you may need to jumpstart your vehicle to get it going again. If this light comes on while the engine is on, it may mean there is a problem with the battery or charging system.


ABS WARNING this light is simply a circle with “ABS” inside. If it glows on your dash, it’s an indication that something is wrong with the anti-lock braking system. If you brake too quickly or too hard while this light Is on, your brakes may lock up. This can severely reduce your ability to brake, putting you at risk.


AIR BAG WARNING this looks like a figure sitting down with an air bag (circle) deployed in front of them. The air bag warning is another light that is difficult to self-diagnose. It can mean that any part of the airbag system has failed, including crash detection sensors or deployment system. We highly recommend that you get a professional to take a look, determine the issue, and address it.


BRAKE SYSTEM WARNING this is a red exclamation mark with a circle around it. When this comes on, the culprit is a brake system problem. However, it can mean any number of things, including problems with virtually any part within the brake system. Or it may mean your brake system is low on hydraulic fluid. If this light comes on, do not keep driving it. You don’t want to assume anything. Pull over when it’s safe and call for assistance.

It’s important as a driver to have the knowledge of what each dashboard symbol means so that if and/or when they come on you know how to handle the situation properly. We are always available to assist with these issues to find the best solution and prevent any further damage to your vehicle and protect your wallet from costly repairs.

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