Celebrating 35 Years in Business!


Randy, Jill & Josh Bunn

Wow! How time flies. It's hard to believe that 40 years, 3 decades, have gone by since Quality Plus Automotive Service first opened the doors. It was a difference world back in 1984. There wasn't internet, no smart phones, and you knew you were doing well in business based on the response of your yellow page ads and word of mouth, not "Likes" on Facebook. 

Randy had worked for the local Raleigh Honda dealership for eight years and at an independent Honda repair shop for two years. After working for so many years learning the industry, together with his wife Jill, they knew it was the right time to open their own business with an emphasis on quality work that suited the customers' unique needs at a reasonable price. 

When Quality Plus Automotive Service first opened the doors, we offered services exclusively to those with Honda and Acura vehicles. It wasn't long before customers were purchasing other vehicles, that Randy decided to expand the services they offered to all Japanese-made vehicles; later adding services for hybrid/electric vehicles when they came to market in 2010. Talk about changing with the times! A lot has changed in the industry since 1984, it's not just about being able to turn wrenches anymore as vehicles have become much more advanced in technology and computer software. It's clear that Randy and Jill follow the demands of their customers' unique needs by continuing education in the automotive industry to stay up to date on technology. In doing so, our customers don't have the added stress of finding a new repair shop when they want to purchase a new vehicle. 

Not only did Quality Plus Automotive Service continue to expand on the vehicles they serviced, but as the surrounding areas continued to grow, so did the business. This lead to the opening of a second shop location in Wake Forest, therefore Randy was able to offer his services to the Raleigh, Wake Forest and surrounding areas. With the continued leadership of Randy and Jill, as well as their son Josh, who took on the role of General Manager, the businesses have continued to grow. 

As we approach on such a big milestone, it makes you wonder what you've done over the years to get to this point. If you ask Randy and Jill, their success didn't happen overnight, nor on it's own; it was a long road to get to where they are now. It was fueled by Randy's passion for the automotive industry and drive to succeed. They share their success with the support of their customers for so many years, and having the right people on staff to carry out their vision.

As we look forward to what 2020 has in store, we are also reminded of the many value relationships that have made the last 40 years such a success. We are thankful for the continued trust and support we receive from our employees, customers, and local communities. The future is bright!