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How Well Do You Know Your Used Vehicle?


What a Pre-Purchase Inspection Can Do for You

When buying a used vehicle, you never know what's really under the hood, and you can never fully accept what the salespeople are telling you. This can make buying a used vehicle a stress-inducing nightmare! But with our pre-purchase-inspection service you'll know what you're dealing with before making any decisions.

What is a pre-purchase inspection?

A pre-purchase inspection (PPI) is a service provided by a certified automotive technician who assesses a vehicle in detail to determine its cosmetic and mechanical condition as well as its level of safety before the vehicle is purchased. Technicians also test drive the vehicle as part of the inspection. This service is recommended for those looking to purchase a used vehicle, a vehicle with no warranty, or a vehicle located in another city.

What are the benefits?

By investing in the pre-purchase inspection before buying the vehicle, you reduce the chances of spending your money on a lemon. A few years ago, we assisted a customer who was looking to purchase a vehicle for a new driver in their home. They brought in 16 vehicles for an inspection before finding one that was safe and reliable for their son to drive. Customers who have the pre-purchase inspection service before purchasing a vehicle makes a small investment that gives them peace of mind for the purchase and saves them financially down the road.

How much time and money does it take?

The first pre-purchase inspection service at our shop costs $115.00. Should that vehicle not measure up to the buyer standards, each subsequent PPI in that buyer's vehicle shopping experience is half-price. This service usually takes an hour to an hours and a half depending on the condition of the vehicle.

So, if you find yourself worried about the condition of the vehicle you're planning to buy, give us a call anytime at 919-453-0345 for our Wake Forest location or 919-231-6164 for our Raleigh location. You can also request an appointment online.