The Importance of Car Care


The Dangers of Dirt (No, Really)

While everyone in the family is making vacation and road trip plans for when life gets back to "normal", it's essential to give your vehicle a good cleaning to ensure it's road worthy for the adventures ahead. As we get into the heart of spring, it's understandable why April is National Car Care Month! Just a few minutes of care will make the difference between a successful road trip and a day stuck at home. Here are a couple of the benefits you will see.

Less Wear and Tear

Even in your day in, day out adventures, mud, rain and dirt can latch onto and eat away at the surface of your car. While you may not notice it initially, over time, the minerals in these substances deteriorate your paint job. This exposes the body of your car to the risk of rust and potentially weakens the strength of the body's materials. Your engine and components are also susceptible to weather conditions. So when you pop the hood to knock the dirt and leaves away from your engine, check all your belts and hoses. Due to the cold temperatures of the winter months they may have hardened or cracked.

Improved Safety

Before you hit the road, your mirrors, windows, and tires should be clear of debris. Neglecting your windows and mirrors can impair your vision as you drive even in the best weather. By washing your vehicle once every two weeks, you'll have the peace of mind knowing these are clean and safe for your next adventure. When you're on the ground cleaning your wheels and tires, peek under the chassis, or frame of the vehicle to check for loose or broken cables. If you don't you might not notice a broken or loose brake line until it's too late.

These are just a couple of the reasons it pays to keep your vehicle clean through the spring months. If you find any broken wires or hoses, schedule a maintenance appointment as soon as possible. In addition to fixing any pertinent problems, we will give your vehicle a full inspection to ensure you're road-ready. Call us today at Raleigh 919-231-6164 or Wake Forest 919-453-0345 to schedule your service.