Avoid Killing Your Car's Battery


It’s Monday morning, you’re running late, your hot water quit on you in the middle of your shower, and you’ve already spilled your coffee and had to change your clothes. And to top it all off, the car won’t start because the battery seems to be dead. Now what do you do?

For emergencies like this, it’s good practice to always have jumper cables, a battery charger, and a reliable friend on speed dial in your phone. But what are some best practices to help ensure that you don’t run into a dead car battery issue?

Never leave your vehicle’s lights on. Both your car’s headlights and interior lights can greatly affect the life of your vehicle’s battery. Always be sure to turn them off before exiting your car. If your car offers an “automatic” setting, that’s even better!

Watch out for cold weather. In the dead of winter, colder temperatures can place a lot of stress on a car’s battery. If you go out, try to group your errands together so you’re driving less overall.

Perform regular battery checkups. Every now and then, take a look under the hood of your car to check for corrosion, damage, or anything unusual. If you notice any corrosion, you can scrub it away with a wire brush. If you see anything that concerns you, have it looked at by a professional!

Nobody likes waking up to a dead car battery, so, do everything you can to prevent it. You’ll thank yourself every single time!