Time to Upgrade?


How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Trading In

Is it time for a new set of wheels, or are you just looking to sell your car while you wait for the right time to buy a new one? Trading in a car when you buy a new one is a great way to lower payments, especially because prices are fairly high right now. The trade-in or sales process of your used vehicle can be a bit hectic and confusing, so here are some tips to help you get top dollar for your vehicle!

Prepare your used car.

First, if any check engine lights are on, have your trusted mechanic take a look and remedy any issues. This is usually the first thing appraisers will look for. Next, top off all of your fluids underneath the hood and clean off any dirt, dust, and debris from the engine cavity. Then, if necessary, replace interior and exterior lights.

Finally, give the car a fresh detail, inside and out. Remember that first impressions are meaningful and you want your vehicle to shine — literally! Vacuum out the interior and wash and wax the exterior, paying attention to all small details, even the smell! If you don’t want to clean it yourself, you can always take it to be cleaned professionally.

Have everything that comes with the car.

Did you know that extra sets of keys are expensive and meaningful when trading in your vehicle? If you have two or even three sets of keys for the car, bring them with you!

If you ever swapped out the floor mats while owning the car, ensure you bring the originals with you if you have them.

Do your research.

Before heading to trade in your car, do your homework and have a good idea of what your car is worth. Kelley Blue Book is a great resource to find out the trade-in value today. This will help you to understand the current market and make sure you get a good deal.