Your Vehicle Deserves a Special Treat this Valentine’s Day!


Your vehicle deserves a special treat this Valentine’s Day. Your vehicle works hard for you daily and takes you where you need to be. It gets you to work, through carpool, back home, and everywhere in between. The more we appreciate this important machine in our lives, the better it will perform for us. Sometimes it takes more than just maintenance to show appreciation.  

Giving your vehicle a good cleaning inside and out is a great way to show some love for your vehicle.

Start by cleaning the windows, including your windshield and back glass. Not only will this improve appearance, but it will also help your vision.

Go the extra mile, in addition to washing your vehicle add wax. You should do this at least every two years to protect the paint on your vehicle. If you’re unsure of the proper products to use, opting for a professional to a complete the job is a great alternative.

And don’t forget the inside. We get so used to the interior of our vehicles that we might stop noticing the little messes here and there. A clean car is a happy car. A proper car detailing by a professional will have your vehicle looking and feeling like new.

Now let’s talk about what’s under the hood. Keeping the fluids and filters clean is just as important. The engine air filter cleans the air before it enters the engine. Allowing the filter to remain clogged and dirty will certainly lower your gas mileage and effect your engine’s performance. The cabin filter is an important component that filters all the pollen and dirt particles that try to enter your vehicle. It’s important to replace this filter to keep the air clean inside your vehicle.

Keeping the fluids changed is important to keep worn particles out of the engine, brakes, power steering and transmission so they last longer.

While you’re at it, it’s important to sweat the small stuff to really show you care. Replacing the windshield wipers will keep your windshield clean and help you see much better. It’s important that your wipers are in good condition, especially in the winter months when the weather tends to be rainier and daylight is shorter.

Finally, the thing that keeps the spark alive, the battery. Keeping your battery terminals clean will help prevent your vehicle from not starting which usually happens at the most inconvenient times.

It might seem simple, but these small gestures are sure to go a long way. So make your vehicle happy and get it cleaned and service for Valentine’s day.

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